Farsight “Blue” Live Stream

Farsight is a songwriting project founded by singer-songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist Philip Michael Jack.

Following on from the release of his third studio album, this will be the first live performance of tracks from the album as well as some fan favourites like “Trusting”, “Muddy Puddles” and “Home” all in an intimate, solo setting. The show will be a visual experience as well

About Farsight

Farsight is a UK indie folk project founded by singer-songwriter and producer Philip Michael Jack. It was born out of his struggles with depression but covers a wide range of themes, such as the conflicts in Syria, frustrations with social media culture and an IVF journey. His art lies in a willingness to tackle difficult and sensitive subjects.

The Farsight Story

Philip grew up playing music from an early age, starting with the violin and then later the drums. He studied popular music at Goldsmiths University and went on to pursue a career as a session musician and producer. It was during a year living in Brighton where he really struggled with depression and turned to songwriting as a form of therapy. Writing these songs help him to heal and get through the harder times. He has worked on music projects in prisons and led songwriting workshops at organisations like The Roundhouse in London among many other experiences that continue to shape who he is as a songwriter.

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